Royal Hotel, Senta

Name of the building Royal Hotel, Senta
Current name same
Town, location 11 Glavni trg, Senta
GPS coordinates N 45° 55′ 55.65″, E 20° 5′ 28.71″
Date of construction 1910–1911
Stylistical characteristics Munich branch of Art Nouveau


Ede Magyar (1877–1912)

Mór Grünwald was the first owner and contractor of the hotel.

Monument classification It is a protected monument of significant importance.
The original function of the building


The building has been a hotel ever since, changing its owners but not its function. The first owner is unknown but between 1935 and 1941, it belonged to Cucin Predrág, who also owned the Hotel America (the today’s Health Centre of Senta) in the same period. Since 1944, the building has been in state ownership without changing its function. In 1967, it was improperly renovated, and was also extended with a complete wing. Lots of ornamental elements were removed at that time, the original windows and doors were replaced with not fitting ones, consequently, the original spectacle of the building diminished. At the same time, the interior was completely refurbished. The last renovation took place in 2010, when the hotel partially regained its former splendour.

Description and qualities of the building

The elegance of the lengthened formations and the emphasis of the frontal, vertical division of the building could reveal their entire splendour and show Ede Magyar’s characteristic style only after the most recent renovation. The asymmetrical portal is sort of highlighted by a projecting and intended attic. This is the most ornamented part where four elegant pillars support the mansard. On the other, rather calm surfaces of the facade and the similarly formed attic, only smaller indentations and architectural ornamentations can be seen. The elegant portals and windows alternating with columns are organized in a pleasing rhythm. They are adorned with laurel leaves and garlands from the bottom to the top, displaying the fineness of the Munich Art Nouveau in this small town along the bank of the River Tisza.


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