Introduction of the project

‘Jewels in turn of Century – Thematic rovings of the world of Art Nouveau’ project



Together with the Municipality of Subotica, the Municipality of Szeged City successfully submitted its project application for the third call for application of the Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme with the title of the Jewels in turn of Century – Thematic rovings of the world of Art Nouveau in May 2012.

The aim of the project is to develop tourist and monument protection cooperation between Szeged, Subotica and Senta as well as to promote the common cross-border cultural, social and economic relations.

On the one hand, in the framework of the project, the roof reconstruction of the one-hundred-year old Art Nouveau Gróf Palace in Szeged (20 Tisza Boulevard), listed as a protected monument in 2006, will be implemented by the strengthening of the roof structure and replacing the tiles, which cannot be postponed any longer in the interest of preserving the building. As part of the project as well, the street facade and roof reconstruction plans of the also Art Nouveau Schäffer Palace (19-21 Fekete Sas Street) will be worked out.

On the other hand, the renovation of the northern facade of the Subotica Synagogue under World Heritage protection will be implemented, and the Memorial Exhibition of Ferenc Raichle J., the architect of the Gróf Palace and other famous Subotica buildings, will be organized. A monograph on the architect’s life and works will also be published.

Various communication instruments will be applied in order to provide the broad range of tourists with high standard information about the Art Nouveau buildings of Szeged, Subotica and Senta. A cross-border tourist programme package will be put together in which there will be an Art Nouveau thematic road map with markings of the buildings recommended to visit. The various features and stylistic characteristics of the buildings will be collected and presented in a book in details. In order to promote and make the programme package available for as many people as possible, leaflets, a web site and a mobile phone application will also be developed.

In the course of the project, tourist professionals can learn about the programme package at a conference and on a 2-day study trip.

The total budget of the project is EUR 344,787, out of which the European Union fund is EUR 293,068.95 and the contribution of the Hungarian state is EUR 17,249.70, the own contribution is EUR 34,468.35. The Municipality of Szeged, the chief beneficiary’s budget is EUR 172,497, out of which the European Union fund is EUR 146,622.45 and the contribution of the Hungarian State is 17,249.70, the own contribution is EUR 8,624.85. The Municipality of Subotica, the project partner’s budget is EUR 172,290, out of which the European Union fund is EUR 146,446.50 and the own contribution is EUR 25,843.50.

It is anticipated that the project will increase the number of visits of tourist attractions and cultural events as well as the income stemming from tourism in the long term, furthermore, it will promote the establishment of new jobs due to its multiplication effect.

Further information:
Development Department of the Mayor’s Office of Szeged County Rank City
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