Grand Terrace

Name of the building Grand Terrace
Current name same
Town, location Heroes’ Park, Subotica-Palić
GPS coordinates N 46° 05′ 53.67″, E 19° 45′ 30.34″
Date of construction 1909–1913
Stylistical characteristics The Hungarian version of the Art Nouveau




Marcell Komor (1868–1944) and Dezső Jakab (1864–1932)


Subotica commissioned it.

Lajos Fazekas was the builder, and Dezső Jakab was the manager of the construction, and Pál Mamuzsity the inspector.

Monument classification Protected monument.

The original function of the building


The promenade splits the ground floor into two wings: in one, a patisserie, in the other, a restaurant used to operate, both with magnificent terraces looking on to the lake. Facing the park, two semicircular bazaars offered space for a barber’s, a toy and a stationary shop. These were pulled down in the 1970s, then during the latest renovation, which is still going on, have been rebuilt. The steps on both sides of the building lead to the upper floor, which integrates the two blocks into a unified composition. In the central part, there was a multifunctional room to host balls, concerts, merriments and theatrical plays. The hall opened to the park with a terrace right above the bazaar, whereas, the stage with the back stage facilities and terrace looked towards the lake. This magnificent building with its one hundred years’ old history has changed its function several times: operated here a sports club, tennis matches were held in the grand hall, on the mezzanine, an art settlement found its home, and there was also a disco for a short time. There were times when it was empty. Its reconstruction, renovation and rehabilitation started in 2006, and has been going on since then, the anticipated end date has been modified because of financial problems. The current building is multifunctional, and additionally to the above functions, it will even be suitable for hosting a movie theatre, too.

Description and qualities of the building

Flower motifs carved in the wood elements appear as decorations. The Great Hall, which connects the park with the lake, is slowly getting back into the hospitality life of Palics after an interval of many years.


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