Water Tower Palić

Name of the building Water Tower
Current name same
Town, location Heroes’ Park, Subotica-Palić
GPS coordinates N 46° 06′ 08.15″, E 19° 45′ 31.04″
Date of construction 1910
Stylistical characteristics The Hungarian version of the Art Nouveau




Marcell Komor (1868–1944) and Dezső Jakab (1864–1932)

The town commissioned it together with other buildings of Palić.

Dezső Jakab led the construction.

Monument classification Protected monument.

History of the building


This peculiar building, which was given its name after its most important function, consists of three units, the water tower, a tram stop, which operated from 1897, and the spa entrance. By today, each of them has lost its original function. In order to meet the demand of the town, a modern water tower was built, the tram line also ceased to function. Visitors usually enter the spa from the central car park (at the Kisvendéglő (pub restaurant), Men’s Lido, Women’s Lido and the Fisherman’s Restaurant). The Water Tower is the symbol and landmark of Palić.

Description and qualities of the building

The high and solid mass of the Water Tower is connected with the open-air tram stop with wide arches, resembling Székely gates. Today, they only stand there as the symbols of the spa. The multifunctional Water Tower serves both as a tram stop and entrance to the spa. The promenade starting from here lets the lake be visible from far, leading guests through the covered corridor of the Great Hall into the spa, which is the central building of the entertainment. Getting here, the overwhelming spectacle of the lake unfolds itself before us together with the Music Pavilion and Memorial Fountain, whereas, to the right, above the water of the lake, the Women’s Spa appears, which apparently merges with the stretch of water.


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